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Even in recent years, there has been some dispute about his birthplace and his father’s name. Some sources give his father’s name as Alan Malcolm Wallace. His year of birth can only be guessed at, although he was probably a relatively young man at the time of his military exploits and death. It is not known if he was ever married, or if he had any children. Sir William Wallace was a minor member of the Scottish nobility, little is known for certain of William Wallace’s family history. The early members of the family are recorded as holding estates at Riccarton, Tarbolton, and Auchincruive in Kyle, and Stenton in Haddingtonshire. He is a hero of Scotland and a true patriot, had a burning desire for peace and freedom which united the country’s clans, gained the loyalty of its people, struck fear into his enemies and defied the cruel hand of an evil, warring and invading King — Edward I of England.

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