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U.S. Navy Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewman (SWCC)

Providing critical mission support to Navy SEALs. Operating state-of-the-art, high-performance boats. Protecting global waters from enemy combatants. Be part of an elite team that carries out military actions that are beyond the capability of standard forces and experience the deep camaraderie that accompanies the duty.

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И снова смешные коты

Interesting and funny cats

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driving on mountain top ORIGINAL!

Driving on mountain top ORIGINAL!

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The last seconds of life

Head On Grapevine Car Crash

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Uncle Drew Plays Some Basketball - Funny Video - ClipJunkie

Uncle Drew Plays Some Basketball

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The Sneezing Baby Panda -

The Sneezing Baby Panda

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Incredible Real World Illusion - YouTube - Google Chrome_2012-07-27_15-30-20

Incredible Real World Illusion

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A Swarm of Nano Quadrotors

A Swarm of Nano Quadrotors

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Cutest Wrestling Match Ever - PetTube

Cutest Wrestling Match Ever

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FUNNY STATUE SCARES - YouTube - Mozilla Firefox_2012-05-21_14-00-17


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