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Talking Dog

by DigitalEagle

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Talking Dog, benamed Max is another of cool talking games for Android free to download. Think you don’t need more talking animals? Think again because this funny talking dog for kids you will want to keep!

Like dogs, but you don’t like the sound of a dog barking all night long? With talking pets, such as talking dog and cat, you don’t have to worry about that! To make this dog talk or be responsive, all you have to do is pet, poke, and tease it or even play dress up games with it. To hear the puppy talk, say something and it will repeat what you said in a funny voice.

Getting talking dogs for kids is a great idea, but this talking dog game is great for adults too. The game is simple, which is why it belongs to the category of baby games too. Talking cat is cute, but talking dog Max is funnier and much more adorable! This 3D talking app allows you to dress up the puppy and make it look funny or elegant. Download the talking dog app and show off your new talking friend! Say to your friends ‘This is my talking pet – it’s a virtual pet, but I love it!’

*** HOW TO PLAY ***

Talk to dog and you will have this dog talking in no time as it will repeat everything you say in a funny voice
Poke and slap Max to see how it gets angry and bends over
Pet the puppy and see how it enjoys
Make Max dance or grab the bone and see how bendy he is
Play dog games with the puppy and it will be your best dog friend
Dress up the dog to make it look classy, elegant or casual

Virtual talking animals are lots of fun and best games for kids and adults. The main purpose of these 3D games is to make you smile and laugh at the silly talking animals. Talking Dog Max is one such cool game. Download my talking pet app and become a talking dog translator in no time!

** This free game is an intellectual property of DigitalEagle – copyright 2014 **

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