Shake On It -- It's Not Crazy, It's Sports -- ESPN Commercial
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Shake On It — It’s Not Crazy, It’s Sports — ESPN Commercial

College football fans are probably the most passionate fans out there. And rivalries run deep. So deep, in fact, that fans will often jump at the chance to prove their undying faith in their teams by promising to do some crazy things if they lose. Of course if they win, the tables turn. That’s a gentlemanly wager, and it becomes an unbreakable social contract between fans with a simple shake of hands. It’s not crazy, it’s sports.

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Fight in Sutton high street, guy gets knocked down

Fight in Sutton High Street, Guy Gets Knocked Down

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A Very Warped Valentine's Day

A Very Warped Valentine’s Day

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Unbelievable Singing Parrot

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Just for laugh - Old man in love

Just for laugh – Old man in love

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