ramadan achievements
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ramadan achievements

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Ramadan Achievements

by Peaksel

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Ramadan Mubarak!

Show how merciful you are during the Ramadan! This is the best time of the year to do something good to the people around you. Be sure that your faith, love and deeds will be well rewarded.
Our Ramadan Achievements application will help you remember all the good things you can do this Ramadan. Here is the list that will remind you to send a neighbor Iftar snacks, feed a homeless person, feed a poor person in another country, greet everyone with a smile and salaam today, pray all five daily prayers in the masjid, donatemoney to charity, read a sectionof the Quran every daytrying to complete the Quran by the end of Ramadan, contact family and friends you haven’t spoke to in a long time, perform Taraweeh prayer, learn more about Ramadan, Provide food for Iftar for 10 of your friends, Spend the last ten days of Ramadan in the Masjid (I’tikaf), memorize a surah or ayat in the Quran, Invite a non-Muslim friend to your Iftar meal, Make Dua for poor people around the world, speak to non-Muslim friend school friends about Ramadan and Islam, pray Isha and Fajr prayers in the masjid, Watch less TV and read a book about Islamic Relief, Ask Allah for forgiveness 100 times a day and forgive others, remind your parents to pay their Zakat al Fitr.

Each time you complete a good deed, colour one of the stars. Download this Ramadan Achievements FREE application and get ready for this Ramadan and may Allah be upon you!

Ramadan Kareem!

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For questions, comments and suggestions related to “Ramadan Achievements” application please email me at petkovicnikola985@gmail.com
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