Prank Gone Wrong
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Prank Gone Wrong Knock Out

While at Jersey Shore scaring people as we usually do. The man in red approached to check Freaky out, Freaky then turned to scare him, the guy unloaded on him with a powerful haymaker sending him crashing to the ground on top of an innocent by stander.

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Kid jumps from the roof of the house

Kid jumps from the roof of the house

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Young Republicans Pool Party

Young Elephant Pool Party

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Just For Laugh Pool -

Just For Laugh: Pool

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Funny Dogs Video - YouTube -

Funny Dogs Video

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Arab on Treadmill -

Arabian on a treadmill

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Funny People at Walmart - YouTube - Mozilla Firefox_2012-05-25_14-52-13

Funny People at Walmart

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Top 10 Funny Baby Videos!

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