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Lion Protecting Girl

That lion’s story is a really sad one. He and several other big cats were owned by a bad backyard breeder. When they didn’t want them anymore they put them in horse trailer and left them there without food or water.
This lion always acts like this if he thinks anyone is going to get near “his girl”, as the staff affectionately calls the lioness. He loves and adores her even more than you would expect a lion to adore a lioness.

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Zoochosis Presents Escalator

Zoochosis Presents: Escalator

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Balloon Bullet

Balloon Bullet Time

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Kid Stares At Cleavage On TV

Kid Stares At Cleavage On TV

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YouTube Challenge - Hey Jimmy Kimmel I Unplugged the TV During the Game

Jimmy Kimmel challenges viewers to unplug TV during the Superbowl

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Tyrannosaurus Sex -Titanosaur Mating

Tyrannosaurus Sex – Titanosaur Mating

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Python eats Alligator

Python Vs Alligator

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Best Black Theme Go Launcher


FAIL Blog Houseboat Jump FAIL

Houseboat Jump Fail

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Leopard saves baby baboon - YouTube - Google Chrome_2012-05-22_12-10-40

Leopard saves baby baboon

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