Dubai Airports Flash Mob
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Dubai Airports Flash Mob

Dubai Airports successfully orchestrated a flash mob showcasing the talents of 55 dancers in Terminal 1 on October 26. The project, which also involved DDF and flydubai, was a key element in a promotional campaign designed to heighten awareness for the recently launched DXB Connect, the world’s first Airport Prepaid Mastercard, now on sale at Dubai Duty Free.

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Dog watching Family Guy

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LYNX 2012 - Happy End of the World

LYNX 2012 – Happy End of the World

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backflip fail - YouTube

Backflip Fail

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pole dance

Pole dance pro

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Mrlalalala- Dance to Dubstep

Dance to Dubstep

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Tiger Wants My Slippers

Tiger Wants My Slippers

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Islamic radios


Super Chameleon - YouTube - Mozilla Firefox_2012-06-13_10-27-36

Super Chameleon

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Wow what you want from me?!_Funny Cam Sexy Laugh Prank

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