Domino effect at a military parade in Belarus
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Domino Effect At Military Parade

The Armed Forces of Belarus may never be known for their military dominance, but they might have the most entertaining category locked up.

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Unbelievable Dubstep Dance Skills! [Warning This is Amazing] - YouTube - Mozill_2012-05-29_17-43-24

Unbelievable Dubstep Dance Skills!

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Funniest Commercials - YouTube - Mozilla Firefox_2012-04-23_17-58-06

Funniest Commercials

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Indian Midget Dancer - YouTube - Mozilla Firefox_2013-03-13_14-19-59

Indian Midget Dancer

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funny viagra commercial

Funny viagra commercial

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Dog catches salmon swimming across road

Dog Catches Salmon Swimming Across Road

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Chain Reaction - YouTube - Google Chrome_2012-05-22_12-53-53

Chain Reaction

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Just For Laughs Gags Gone Wrong

Just For Laughs Gags Gone Wrong

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Wizards Of Winter Played On PVC Pipes -

Wizards Of Winter Played On PVC Pipes

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Youtube's Hardest 'If you laugh you lose' video

Youtube’s Hardest ‘If you laugh you lose’ video

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