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Didn’t Quite Make The Long Jump Team

Jeremy Chipps, A.K.A. Random Talent Guy, of Fleming Island, Florida, attempts to jump this 20 foot pool filled with God knows what…(frogs, alligators, snakes, and of course AIDS). His confidence is beyond most and failing is uncommon for this superstar but today just wasn’t his day, unfortunately. The funny part is that there is a cop watching from inside the screen are…most action he’d got all day. It’s also funny cus we’ve all pissed in that pool and stuff really lives in it and I’m pretty sure people have puked in it before also. MY MOTIVATION. But thank you God for allowing me to remain in one piece, but damn I’m still wincing as I type this…..what a pain in the ass. You better have gotten that joke. Starring: Dylan Blankenship, Joe Hoffman, and of course myself, (Random Talent Guy) Jeremy Chipps!!!! Love yall!!!

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Camel grabs woman reporter from the hair! - YouTube - Mozilla Firefox_2013-03-11_12-38-43

Camel grabs woman reporter from the hair!

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Monkey King Banana Games

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Funny Video – Hiden Cam


Trololo Sing Along! - YouTube - Mozilla Firefox_2012-03-02_17-03-09

Trololo Sing Along!

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Funny commercial beauty is nothing without brains - YouTube - Mozilla Firefox_2013-02-22_15-46-31

Funny commercial: beauty is nothing without brains

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Monster Killer: Shooter Mayhem – Fun & Highly Addicting Shooting Game for Free

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Worlds fastest reader

Worlds fastest reader

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very very very lucky people - YouTube

Very very very lucky people

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Mambo, Doggy Style! - YouTube - Mozilla Firefox_2013-03-06_10-50-38

Mambo, Doggy Style!

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