Dalmatian makes a new friend - YouTube - Mozilla Firefox_2012-05-29_16-14-44
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Dalmatian makes a new friend

Diesel our dalmatian make a new friend with our foster kitten . He plays with kittens the same way as he plays with puppies and other small animals , he pushes them with his nose , we are teaching him how to play gently with small animals . Diesel always loves our fosters whenever we get one . This kitten was rescued with his sibblings and mother from going to a high kill shelter . All of his siblings have found home but he and his mother is still looking for their forever homes . Until we find him a loving home , he will have a lot of play time with our other pets and be treated like a part of our family

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This is Einstein! - YouTube - Mozilla Firefox_2012-11-22_12-09-05

This is Einstein!

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Mirror Mirror



Hunting Calls

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Have you ever seen daytime fireworks - YouTube - Mozilla Firefox_2013-02-14_14-56-25

Have you ever seen daytime fireworks?

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Hot Girl Gets Watermelon In The FACE

Beautiful Girl Takes Watermelon To Face

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funny scared doberman - YouTube - Chrome_2012-05-22_11-53-52

Funny scared doberman

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A DRAMATIC SURPRISE ON A QUIET SQUARE - YouTube - Mozilla Firefox_2012-05-29_17-14-51


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Ken Lee Music Idol BG

Mariah Carey’s “Without you”- Bulgarian version

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Mawlid Live Wallpaper

Mawlid Live Wallpaper