Bubble Smasher
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Bubble Smasher

Hey dude, let’s smash some bubbles, because bubble mania has finally come! Play bubble game – Bubble Smasher, one of the most addicting free smashing games ever and have fun for hours!

Bubble Smasher is a great bubble pop game for kids and all the people around the world who like to spend some time making new world records. This is a simple game for bored people. Just keep on smashing bubbles and very soon you will see how contagious this time killing game is. One by one, all the people around you will become addicted and it will not be easy to stop playing.

How to play Bubble Smasher?

Maybe this looks like an easy game, but you need some skill for it. Break as many bubbles as you can and collect gold coins to survive. You can tap the bubble or swipe on the screen to pop them. By popping the white bubble with gold coin you gain 1 point. But be careful not to lose some of them. If you miss one you lose 10 points. Blast bubbles in green color with a heart inside to gain 10 points for each of them.

Beware of popping bubbles which can make you lose points. There are two types of evil bubbles in this addicting game you should avoid: yellow bubble has a bomb inside and you can lose 10 points if you touch it; watch out the red bubble with the sign for radioactivity because you can lose 25 points.

But don’t worry; every bubble smasher, even a pro needs some help then and now. There is some very cool stuff to use to survive. You can find three power ups that can make your play easier for a short period of time. Use the button with a clock to slow down the tempo for a little bit, so you can have enough time to pop all the bubbles; the other possibility is to enlarge your finger and have the chance to shoot more bubbles with only one touch, excluding the bad bubbles. When the situation becomes critical, use the third button with a bomb and make all the bubbles from the screen explode at the same time.

When you run out of power ups during this bubble breaker game there is still a chance for you. Earn the points during the game: after every fifth game that lasts more then a minute, you will get one of the power ups. But if you want more, go to shop and earn coins by completing free offers provided by our partner GetJar.

So, let’s revise this pass time game:

– Smashing a white bubble with a gold coin brings 1 point; missing it you lose 10 points
– Smashing a green bubble with a heart brings 10 points
– Smashing a yellow bubble – you lose 10 points
– Smashing a red bubble – you lose 25 points

Kinds of power ups:

– The clock – To slow down the time – slow motion
– The finger – To enlarge your finger and pop more bubbles with one tap
– The bomb – To pop all the bubbles at the same time

Avoid boredom with this mini game which is a stress reliever game at the same time!

This finger tap game is easy-to-learn yet hard-to-master! So, get Bubble Smasher, one of the best time killer games and see how far you can get!

Legal Info:

Bubble Smasher app/game is an intellectual property of GOODSOUNDSAPPS – copyright 2013.

Already tested on HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Sonny Ericsson Xperia, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy Mini, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Sony Ericsson Xperia mini

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