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Best Radio Stations

by Creativeone

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Love good music? Need new music for your Android phone? Download Best Radio Stations app and enjoy the latest hits from around the world.

This cool radio app is a collection of top radio stations from all over the world. It combines great sounds with excellent radio broadcasting, which makes for a super combo for the beginning of a lovely day. The free radio suits the music tastes of all those who love radio music. Tune to popular radio stations to start off the day with dynamic sounds. Whether you enjoy pop, rock, jazz, blues or any other genre, it’s all there, adjusting to any mood or preference! To enjoy the time with your darling, switch to romantic music. If you feel like you want to run away, play some of the relaxing sounds and refresh your aura. With free radio streaming, Best Radio Stations app provides this and much more so download it now and tune into the world of good sounds.

Android radio app makes your life easier by allowing you to listen to music on your phone any time and anywhere. It is handy and practical and you get to enjoy free music from all over the world. Find new songs and sounds that will become your favorites and spend you spare time listening to cool radio stations.


  • Radio Alarm: Choose a radio station to wake you up in the morning. In case your phone does not have internet connection and your alarm is set, the default alarm on your phone will go off.
  • Sleep timer: There is an option to set the Sleep timer for each radio station individually.
  • Favorites: You can use the option “Favorites” to extract a list of the radio stations that play all the new songs you like.
  • Call info: If you receive a call during radio streaming, the app volume will be muted during the call. After you have finished talking, the volume will be on again.

Nice sounds and fun radio stations with contemporary music and much more can make your days brighter and easier to get through. Imagine coming home on a rainy day, when you feel down and demotivated. All you’d need is a sound or two of your favorite song to improve your mood. With Best Radio Stations app, you don’t need to wait to get home and do this. You can do it on the go; it’s just several clicks away!

Do not hesitate! Check out these internet radio stations, get them on your phone and spend your days enjoying popular music of your choice. Download Best Radio Stations app now and you won’t have to have a lousy morning ever again!

All the radio stations in this application are used with the permission of their owners. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at creativeone1989@yahoo.com

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